Leaning into Agility and Holacracy with Nita Sanger

The digital transformation is changing every aspect of how companies do business, and the most successful companies are those who are leaning into these changes. Nita Sanger joins the show as the director of digital advisory practice at Cherry Bekaert and master of strategic intelligence, common sense, and in-practice digital transformation.

You Are Your Own Brand with Elizabeth Nader

Elizabeth Nader can tell right away whether she is coaching someone that has what it takes to succeed. Yes, talent and intelligence are important, but the ability to be coached is what takes someone that extra step further and gets them to grow past their limiting beliefs. As a coach, entrepreneur, author, and speaker, Elizabeth’s mission is to help people realize that they aren’t in competition with anyone else, just themselves. She joins the show this week to talk about the importance of embarrassing failure, taking a closer look at our limiting beliefs, who the enemy of our brand really is, and why we should plan to outdo our past, not other people.

Bringing Game Development to the People: Kathryn Guess of Microsoft Game Stack

Kathryn Guess is a Product Manager for Microsoft, who built Game Stack and Azure PlayFab brands from the ground up. She joins the show this week to talk about how gaming isn’t the isolating experience one thinks it may be, and how gaming actually helps build communities and join people together — especially during the pandemic. She talks about the important and challenging issues in gaming regarding mental health and reporting domestic abuse, what the democratization of gaming means for both individuals and developers, and how gaming can contribute to a holistic lifestyle.

Position Change As Staying the Same with Carla Rover

We’ve all dealt with clients that are directly problematic, or ones that mean well, but can have moments of toddler-like temper tantrums. Enter Carla Rover, an outspoken, very witty, and widely published writer, to help us navigate these waters. Carla talks about the reasons you may be getting ghosted after a job interview, content mapping and her way of doing it without emotion, and how best to show your value in a non-threatening way. She also gives her advice for writers and consultants new to the job market and how to get yourself to stand out (but not too much!) while virtual work continues to become the norm.

Elham Al Marzooqi

Music Knows No Boundaries — Elham Al Marzooqui

Elham is the first female cellist in the Emirates, along with being a Senior Legal Counsel for Flash Entertainment. Elham speaks about how she adjusted as a musician during the pandemic to connect with her audience online, and ways that she feels our society could better recognize and help musicians.

Life Lessons of a Recovering Douchebag with Joey Dumont

Joey Dumont returns to the show to share the inspiration behind his poignant, touching, and raw new book, Joey Somebody: The Life and Times of a Recovering Douchebag. Out now and available in stores, Joey’s book is relatable and all too typical for those who have struggled with addiction, abuse, and any type of loss or trauma. Joey talks about getting through the “heavy” chapters in the writing process, and on to lighter and more self-deprecating stories, as well as how he shed a lot of his douchebaggery in the process. Joey also catches us up on how he has been coping throughout the pandemic, what we can expect from him next, and why you may never hear him yelling from a hotel basement again.

Rebranding Socialism as Conscious Capitalism

Joseph Jaffe has written five best-selling books and thousands of columns, along with launching the CoronaTV show during the pandemic. He and Kevin talk about reconciling our current state to look at the opportunities with wonder and awe, how a social contract would help the way we talk to each other online, and the deep need to reclaim social media and make it less political. Joseph also talks about conscious capitalism and how we can make money but still help each other, and why he believes we all need political couples therapy.

At The Frontlines of Changing The Way We Communicate, Market, and Consume with Dan Granger

Dan Granger is the CEO of Oxford Road, a Los Angeles-based ad agency that provides innovative and groundbreaking marketing campaigns for some of the best-known brands out there now including Hulu and DollarShaveClub. Dan joins the show to talk about creating real change in the way we communicate, how brands can navigate a divided marketplace, and how we can start to reward content creators and supporters for a more even and factual discourse. Dan also speaks about The Media Roundtable, and how people can get involved.

Restoring the Soul with Rishad Tobaccowala

Rishad Tobaccowala is an author, speaker, and advisor, named by Time Magazine as one of five “Marketing Innovators.” He joins the show this week to talk about his new book, Restoring the Soul of Business, and how we can transform personally and professionally in this new era of “The Great Re-invention.” Rishad and I also discuss why tech is nothing without talent, how leadership can create an environment for their talent to speak up, and why it’s best to ditch the PowerPoint every now and then at your meetings.

Integrating Smart Data with Andreas Cohen

Andreas Cohen is the Tribal Leader of the Smart Data Marketing Elite and founder of I-COM. He joins the show from Spain this week to explain why understanding Smart Data is important for businesses to stay competitive and make sure their message to the customer is consistent and effective. He also discusses the results from the Hackathon, the benefit of organizations that combine behavior with data science, and how he has been adapting and innovating due to the recent shift in networking and professional gatherings in person.