The Impact of Disruption — Adam Kleinberg

Adam Kleinberg joins us today to talk about how we can start to make sense of the customer journey, agency experience, and measuring media in this crazy data-driven world we live in. At Adam’s creative agency, Traction, in San Francisco, they work to create branding, advertising and digital experience that makes a deep impact on a human level. Adam talks about Traction’s press storm on paid time off for civic volunteering, and how they used it for positive momentum. He also talks about disruptive campaigns, brand challenges, and the new challenges within the industry.

Owning Your Destiny in Technology with Alanna Gombert

Alanna Gombert joins us to discuss blockchains, one of the most widely spoken and least understood technologies in the universe. Blockchains mean something very specific for advertisers and technology, and there is no one better than Alanna for this subject. As the Global CRO at MetaX, Alanna is at the forefront of bringing in other voices and having everyone take part in the conversation. We also talk with her about hosted advertising and changing the incentive model, the current shift to more transparency, and of course, the bitcoin whales.

A Deeper Conversation – Michael Learmonth

In our first ever episode of The TMI Project, I am very excited to be joined by an old friend and colleague in the industry, Michael Learmonth. As the someone with over 20 years of experience including the previous editor for Advertising Age and the present News director at Vice News, Michael has been someone that the world turns to for and credible news. We talk about current trends and challenges within technology, data breaches, the desire for deeper conversation and ideas on how to make our conversations better.