Brand survival essentials: Do you have what it takes?

Tricia Nichols is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Independent Pet Partners and was Senior Vice President of Marketing at Estee Lauder along with leadership roles in a variety of different industries. Tricia joins the show to talk about how brands can use authentic storytelling to get their message across and bond with the consumer, what customer currency is and how we can gain it in marketing, and the new ways of operating that we can adapt to and thrive in this new way of operating.

Rick Parkhill Talks iMedia and Helping the Industry Grow in a Healthy Way

Rick Parkhill joins the show to talk about his time as the founder and prior CEO of iMedia Communications, which launched in 2001. Rick talks about how iMedia helped build community and produced an event where everyone was encouraged to drop their agendas and just connect for the greater good of the industry. Rick was a founding executive at Interactive Marketing, Inc. and founded Digitrends, along with InfoText and Brand Storytelling.

How Will Advertising Be Bought Going Forward with Jim Spanfeller

Jim Spanfeller is the CEO of G/O Media, CEO and President of Spanfeller Media Group, and Former CEO of He helped shape the advertising and publishing business and continues to be a driving force in using a sound approach to marketing. He joins Kevin in New Orleans for a talk about how to get people to engage in the publishing space, what is still broken in marketing, the future of cookies, and how to find the right people for the right message.

The Changing Role of the CMO — Stephanie Fierman

Stephanie Fierman is one of Forbes’ 50 most influential CMOs on social media and has held senior leadership roles at MediaCom, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, and Time Warner. Stephanie has also run her own consultancy firm, working with clients such as Equifax and NBC Universal. She joins the show to talk about the role of women in tech, how we can really get better at inclusivity in organizations and level the playing field at the gender level, and how we can work with the CEO and company to create realistic expectations.

John Battelle

The Facebook Oversight Board, The Recount, and Challenging Large Companies with John Battelle

John Battelle is a leader responsible for a large part of inspiring the direction of digital, and the Co-Founder and CEO of Recount Media. John discusses why he moved from Northern California to New York, ways we can reimagine fundamental things in society using data, and why his students at Columbia University give him great hope for the future. John also shares his thoughts and opinions about the Facebook Oversight Board and the kind of market pressures he feels we need to encourage.

The Value of CES with Jeff Minsky

Jeff Minsky is an award-winning advertising and digital media pioneer and media technologist. He joins the show to talk about why one would want to attend CES, the value it can provide to both consumers and advertising and media professionals, and how it has evolved over the years. Jeff also gives some insider tips of making the most of your time at CES, what attendees tend to do wrong, and how we can know what to look for to better understand how consumers will be thinking and acting in two to three years.

Sir John Durham and His Life-Changing Durhamisms

Sir John Durham is a living legend in the digital business and one of the true godfathers of digital marketing as we know it today. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing General Partner of San Francisco-based marketing firm, Catalyst. He has also held many roles in marketing and advertising at companies such as Jumpstart Automotive Media, Carat Fusion, Winstar Interactive Media, and MapQuest.

SEO Grease

The Man Behind SEO — Bruce Clay

Living legend and one of the founding fathers of SEO joins the show this week. Bruce is known as the man that coined the phrase “SEO” and has taught thousands of people how search functions, the misconceptions, and why it’s important we do it right. He and I talk about how he helps clients meet their SEO challenges, how we can establish ourselves as experts, and the latest trends Bruce thinks are important for professionals to know.

Tower of Silence, Mumbai

Clarity of Vision and Going Beyond Tomorrow With Amrita Sahasrabudhe

Amrita Sahasrabudhe is the Vice President of Marketing at FastMed Urgent Care and former Sr. Manager of Marketing Strategy & National Promotions at PetSmart. She joins the show to talk about why it’s important for marketers to push the boundaries and move companies to the next step. Amrita also discusses the difference between adapting to what is new in technology without getting distracted by the shiny things, how marketers can prove the metrics of success, and why a bigger budget doesn’t always mean better results.

Lee Harvey Oswald's Sniper Position

What You Need to Know about GDPR and CCPA: Part 2

Alan Chapell returns for the second installment of a two-part series about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, and the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act). This week, we cover what you need to know in terms of how both will affect brand and human reputations, the right to be forgotten, and what we all sign up for when visiting a digital site. We also talk about being aware of what we post publicly, how/if people can really get their private data off public sites, and what’s next in the Wild West of this digital frontier.