Branding is Everything

Industry leader Greg Sterling was the Contributing Editor for 13 years at Search Engine Lane, and now is the Principal at Sterling Marketing Intelligence. Greg is one of the top authorities on local marketing and location intelligence and discusses the changes he has seen in digital strategy and content development over the past several decades. Greg also talks about the importance of branding, what we may need to fix the internet, the wide range of privacy issues we see today and what we can do about them, and a whole lot of fun Star Trek throwbacks.

Building Influence and Owning It

Farhad Divecha built an agency from the ground up, has experience in every area of digital, and is making a lot of news lately with his tremendous client base. Farhad came from India, came to do his graduate work in the U.S., and now lives in the UK, running AccuraCast. In this episode, Farhad talks about the things people are doing wrong (and right) in the influencer marketing world, the massive influx of data in the digital world and how it can help us, and real-world examples of AI pulling data together in a way we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.

The Real Role of a Chief Marketing Officer with Chris Moloney

Chris Moloney, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Partnerships for TaxSlayer, joins the show today. Chris shares his wisdom from his prior roles including CMO of CAN Capital, CEO of GREMLN Social Media, and Chief Marketing Officer for Wells Fargo Advisors, Experian, and Scottrade. Chris discusses exactly what he does inside his role, how companies can better face customer issues and challenges, and his experience using influencer marketing. Chris also shares what not to do when interviewing for a role, and why the Chief Digital Officer title might be dwindling down even further in the future.

What Brings Your Brand Culture to Life? The Impact of a Healthy Brand Culture; Designing a Purpose-Driven Culture

This week, Jason Burnham joins us to dive deep in the past, present, and future of creating a healthy brand culture and surviving acquisition. Jason is widely recognized as one of the founding fathers of digital marketing and founded Culture Design to help businesses transform and thrive. He discusses the importance of maintaining good personal and professional relationships despite challenges, how culture and honesty affect every aspect of success in a business from the top down, and what is necessary to create a healthy approach to growing organizations.

What’s Going on With Storytelling? We are Addressing the Right Problems in the Wrong Places

Michael Estrin has some of the most engageable writing out there now and has learned a lot of lessons in storytelling and connecting online throughout the years. He talks with us today about writing for iMedia Connection, his take on the new Facebook, the modern role of social shaming, what most of us are doing wrong with our social media posts, and advice for those looking to tell a story without a flame war.

The Tradeoff of Convenience for Privacy with Doug Schumacher

Doug Schumacher joins the show today to talk with us about the present and future of speech and voice recognition, Facebook as the new MySpace, and exactly what Facebook is apologizing for today as opposed to yesterday. He also discusses where the voice space is being used correctly and where the strategy falls short. Doug is in a unique position not only from the perspective of a marketer but someone accumulating marketing information from working social media channels.

Creating a Bridge for the Warriors — Tom Deierlein

Tom Deierlein, a 1989 graduate of West Point, gets his energy from helping others less fortunate both locally and globally. Today, he joins the show to talk about his background in leadership, business, service, and why he founded the many touching ways that the TD Foundation is helping American Veteran heroes and their families. Tom shares an amazing story about getting shot by a sniper while in combat, and why he views it now as one of the best things to happen to him. Finally, he discusses the upcoming TD Foundation Holiday Cocktail event and ways you can get involved, whether you are near or far.

Changing the Game in Advertising, Events, and Digital with Tameka Kee

Tameka Kee has spent the last decade connecting the dots of technology, media, and marketing. Currently the Vice President of Content & Strategy at Wise Public Relations, she joins us today to talk about some common misconceptions of virtual reality, where we are now with the technology, what she sees emerging in the coming years, and how it is changing in both consumer and enterprise markets. She also talks about successful moments in integrating sponsors into events, and lessons she is learning now as she begins to produce events in the VR/AR universe.