How The Facebook Ad Boycott Is Affecting The Industry with Mike Kujanek

Mike Kujanek is the Founder & CEO at Magnitude Digital, an award-winning full-service digital marketing agency based in New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. Mike joins the show to talk about how to best navigate the ever-changing world when it comes to digital advertising and social media platforms. Mike and I talk about the Stop Hate for Profit campaign and how big brands pulling out of Facebook ads may affect the entire industry. We also discuss the need to diversify advertising strategies and how we can both participate in social justice and advocacy without taking away necessary revenue.

Embracing Digital Marketing and What We Can Learn from Comic Book Stores with Jeff Ferguson

eff Ferguson joins the show to talk about how brands are stepping up to reengineer their digital involvement to rise and meet the needs of our current climate. Jeff has been on the scene since the early days of digital as a writer for the trades, speaker, and leader in agency, publishing, and the client-side. Jeff and Kevin discuss the role of entrepreneurs to problem-solve and give hope to the industry, adding the notion that we may even take some of these practices with us after the pandemic is over. Then, Jeff and Kevin give examples of the good, bad, and ugly of media responses from different companies about the pandemic, and even slip into a fun role-playing segment of the show!

Honesty Will Have a Come Back, But Not For the Reasons You Think with Joey Dumont

Joey Dumont is a leader in the digital space and known for work that encourages brands to be truthful and genuine with their customers. He joins the show to talk about his role as the Co-Founder and Partner Lead at True Thirty and Executive Producer of the documentary, The Naked Brand. Joey shares how we can take back communication and honesty in the advertising industry and describes a few examples of brands that do it right, and what we can learn from them. Joey was formerly the Partner/Managing Director at Questus, an award-winning digital ad agency.

Creating Civility and Opportunity with Rob Norman

The well-known and widely-respected Rob Norman joins the show this week. Before retiring, Rob served as GroupM’s North American CEO and global chief digital officer. In today’s episode, Rob and Kevin talk about creating a resume that highlights your superpowers, the need to be self-aware and civil to one another now more than ever, and how we can still try to maintain social relationships during this remote time.

Paris Scooter Menace

Shaping Culture and Award Winning Innovation

Digital marketing strategist, entrepreneur, writer, and speaker Anders Hjorth joins the show today to talk about what he has learned in his experience working at and founding several Digital Marketing agencies in Paris. Anders is also the founder of Innovell, provider of Digital Marketing insights, and sees, inside and out, the formula to success in agency life and what new trends we need to adopt and adapt to. Anders also chats about his judging on various industry Awards in the areas of Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Biddable Media.

Breaking the Mold of Traditional Sales Conversations with Doug Weaver of Upstream

Doug Weaver is a legend in the world of sales strategy and digital sales leadership. He is also the Founder & CEO of Upstream Group, Inc. and uses his expertise to help others break the mold of traditional sales conversations and get the best results for both themselves and their potential clients. He joins the show to share some of the best practices in digital sales and survival skills during the pandemic. Doug also talks about what strategies work best to keep large virtual meetings interesting and engaging.

Digital Networking, CDX, and Audience Customization with Drew Ianni of CDX

Drew Ianni, Founder, and Chairman of CDX, a conference series for senior digital executives, joins the show this week. Drew and Kevin discuss the merge into the Techonomy family and suggestions as to how we can best adjust to networking digitally for the time being. Drew also shares examples of speakers that connected to the audience and moved them with their words and messages, and also moments that didn’t go to plan, and the lessons learned. He also mentions what we can expect from the virtual conference in June, and ways to take advantage of the editorial content that will be released soon.

The Do-Good Auto Coalition Creator Diana Lee

Constellation Agency Cofounder and Do-Good Auto Coalition CEO Diana Lee joins the show today to share how she is helping the auto industry step up in a time of crisis and get food and supplies to the people and organizations that need it most. She shares how her experience from age 18 in the automotive industry gave her a thick skin and can-do attitude that helps her today, what the Do-Good Auto Coalition does in terms of outreach, what challenges they are currently facing, and what you can do to help.

Search Engine Marketing with Chris Boggs and the COV-Ad Pandemic

Chris Boggs is a top-tier digital marketing consultant and one of the stewards in Search Engine Marketing. He joins the show this week to talk about what he has seen change the most over his many years of experience in SEO, PPC, social media, and web analytics, and where he sees the trends moving next. Chris and Kevin also discuss the state of SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization) and how it spawned many of the digital marketing practices we still see today.

Brand survival essentials: Do you have what it takes?

Tricia Nichols is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Independent Pet Partners and was Senior Vice President of Marketing at Estee Lauder along with leadership roles in a variety of different industries. Tricia joins the show to talk about how brands can use authentic storytelling to get their message across and bond with the consumer, what customer currency is and how we can gain it in marketing, and the new ways of operating that we can adapt to and thrive in this new way of operating.